Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The goal of this project was to produce still photographs and a narrative multimedia production that would represent a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation education reform initiative. David collaborated with the creative director in order to fully understand the nuances of their intentions. In doing so, he was able to develop a narrative and produce images that captured the heart of their mission. The result was a library of photographs that was perfectly in line with their needs, and a multimedia production that was presented at their national initiative launch conference.

"David is truly a master of his craft. From our first conversation, he immediately grasped the complexity of what we were trying to convey, and skillfully helped us hone and elevate our project concept beyond what we had originally envisioned. Our partners in the field universally praised his conduct and professionalism. The end product — a multimedia piece and a library of photographs — spotlights the intellectual and emotional intensity of the Completion by Design planning year, and in doing so does a great honor to the men and women it portrays. Its power and poignancy remains a testament to our work together, and to David's prodigious talent."

— Michelle McClelan, Communications Manager, Completion By Design Assistance Team, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Initiative

Job for the Future, for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Education Reform Initiative.

Completion By Design Assistance Team, for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Education Reform Initiative.